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My name is Attorney Young B. Kim. I strictly work in the area of Elder Law including but not limited to Will and Trusts, Trust Litigation, Will Contests, and Corporate Fiduciary. Every day, clients often express sentiments like, “I wish my parent’s execute testamentary documents?, or “I should have done this a long time ago.”

This is where I come along to help you with estate planning, probate, or corporate work (including wills, powers of attorney, trusts, real estate deeds or leases, corporate transactions, and more), please contact me.

Working in the fields of trusts, estates, and business succession, my service has helped hundreds of families with probate avoidance, tax minimization, asset protection, and more.

Single Will Package: $500
Married Will Package: $1000
Single Trust Package: $1800
Married Trust Package: $2500
Ladybird Deed (Included with Trust Package): $550
FL Corporate Formation with Operating Agreement: $750
Probate: $2500

Estate Planning Suggestions:

For simple estates where no restrictions on beneficiary distributions are necessary, a will can be a good starting point. Paired with a ladybird deed (a transfer on death deed similar to a payable on death designation on a bank account), this affordable option can help avoid probate and ensure assets don’t go to the state of Florida.

Trusts are highly recommended for those seeking probate avoidance, asset protection, tax minimization, and beneficiary protection. This is especially important if there are concerns about beneficiaries losing their inheritance to creditors, such as in cases of divorce, bankruptcy, or lawsuits.

Having powers of attorney is crucial. It’s essential to have your wishes documented and properly executed under the guidance of a licensed attorney to avoid costly and inefficient court intervention, as seen in cases like Terry Schiavo.
Contact for a consultation, which can be held in-person, over the phone, at my office or via Zoom.

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