Terrazzo and Concrete Polishing (Volusia County)

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license info: ES0000137 Florida State Certified Limited Energy Electrician
Greetings, our company transforms existing ( or new build ) slabs of Terrazzo or raw or painted cement/concrete ( many dwellings have carpeted right over the original Terrazzo. ) back to its former glory. We do not apply any type of “coating” Our machines and tooling grind and polish the existing surface, be it terrazzo or a garage floor, up to a very long-lasting permanently shiny showroom floor finish. Comparable to a marble floor as the end result, even a raw industrial poured slab of concrete may be transformed into a brilliant surface as the existing aggregate is exposed. Great for Florida Room Floors, Garage Floors, Medical and Professional offices, Bar and Restaurants, Meter Rooms, Rec Rooms, Shop Floors, Shed and Metal structure pours floors. Pet Friendly Motel Rooms, The applications are endless. We add a concrete “ Densifier “ with an applicator that the slab absorbs in preparation to the transformation process, ending in our applying a concrete “Sealant “ that again is worked into the floor until it is absorbed. This finished product is then burnished to the desired shine level. The process seals the floor making it impervious to staining or damage. A natural shine that only requires warm water and a mild neutral cleaner. Hurricane Proof & Green as can be. Free estimates inside of Volusia County. roughly $5.00 to $8.00 per sqft. depending on the condition of the concrete. Owner Operator.

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