Matthews compound bow never used - $200 (Deltona)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Matthews
model name / number: Mission Voyager
• Fastest Mission bow made with a smooth draw
• A longer axel-to-axel bow with a 7 inch brace height means a forgivable shot
• A great multi-purpose bow that can be used for hunting or competition
• 80% let off
•Editors' review
The Voyager takes the Mission line of primarily compact bows and stretches the axel-to-axel measurement to 34 inches. Keeping a forgiving brace height of 7 inches combined with Mission's fastest cam ever producing up to 323 feet per second results in an exceptional hunting bow. With higher end features like a walnut grip, string grubs, and dual string suppressors, the Mission Voyager proves to be a great hunting bow with a decent price tag.
The Mission Voyager sports a few blemish free finish options depending on how the shooter plans to use the rig. The first finish option is the Mission standard Realtree Max4 HD camo pattern for those using the bow for hunting purposes. Those interested in blind hunting or target shooting may be interested in the black option as well. For those shooters interested in using the Voyager as a target bow, Mission offers Blueberry or Black Cherry finishes similar to those of the Mathews target bow finishes as well.
The Voyager offers the longest riser available in the Mission bow series. The reflexed aluminum riser is CNC machined to eliminate unneeded weight while maintaining strength and stability. A patented harmonic dampener comes standard at the bottom of the riser to reduce after the shot vibration. Also standard is a front and rear mounting stabilizer hole for a counter weight stabilizer in the front and a string suppressor in the rear. It would be nice if the Voyager came with the Mathews Dead End String Stop, but it is an optional upgrade.
Similar to the rest of the Mission line, the Voyager comes with a somewhat blocky grip. Although it fits nice in most shooters hands, the feel of the bulky grip may be hard for some shooters to get used to. However, the grip is a nicely finished walnut grip adding a high-end look typically reserved for bows with a much larger price tag.
Limbs and Limb Pockets
The Voyager limbs are available in ten-pound increments ranging from 40-70 pounds. The limbs are made of a composite fiberglass material sporting the Mission logo. The limb pockets are made of a composite material that forms the pivoting pocket. Some shooters note the black limb pocket breaks up the look of the camo and gives a cheap look to the overall design of the bow. Although this has no impact on functionality of the bow, some shooters do not like the overall look. Mission, like Mathews rigorously tests their limbs and limb pockets to withstand the most extreme strength test. Shooters can be comfortable knowing the product they are using is sure to last a very long time.
Eccentric System
The Voyager is equipped with the fastest single cam ever put on a Mission bow. With a maximum IBO speed of 323 feet per second, this cam proves to be a smooth shooting speed cam. Although the Voyager bow is cam specific, it does offer a wide range of adjustability. Draw length can be adjusted in half-inch increments from 26-31.5 inches. The good news is that shooters will leave the dealer with a perfect fitting draw length, the draw specific cam only becomes an issue if a shooter wishes to change draw length after purchasing. The only way to change the draw length is to purchase a new cam, which is not super expensive; but it is an added expense to keep in mind.
Draw Cycle/Shootability
The Mission Voyager is a relatively fast perimeter weighted single cam speed bow, and with that comes a slightly more aggressive draw cycle. Although the draw cycle is a bit more aggressive than the rest of the Mission line, the draw is very smooth and offers a great valley and an 80% let-off. The back wall is extremely solid, and there will be absolutely no creep or fighting this bow to stay at full draw. Many speed bows are plagued with the infamous "creep" forward making it hard to remain at full draw. The Voyager does not have this typical characteristic of speed bows. Although the bow is a little top heavy in the hand, at full draw it comes to rest in a balanced position. Shooters willing to pull a little more aggressive drawing cam will more than likely be impressed with the improved speed as a trade off.
Silencing Package
Mission offers a great rubber string suppressor on the top and bottom cams of their bows, which stops the string from continuing its travel too far forward, and eliminates string vibration. Along with the string suppressors, the Voyage also incorporates string grubs that can be seen on higher end Mathews bows as well. The riser also sports a harmonic dampener hole at the bottom of the riser designed to eliminate post string vibration up to 75%. As an added option to the already effective silencing package featured on the Mission Voyager comes the Dead End String Stop. The Dead End string suppressor is an optional sting stop system that adds to the string suppressors to eliminate any hand shock left from the other dampening devices.
Bow Mission Voyager

Brace Height 7 "
AtA Length 34 "
Draw Length 26 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 324 fps
Weight 4.23 lbs
Let-Off 80%

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